Kalash Realcon Pvt Ltd

Kalash Realcon Pvt Ltd. is a real estate developer based in Bhopal. We have been working in the real estate industry for the past 10 years and we take special pride in delivering top quality work for our clients. We are involved in acquiring land, and development, marketing, and sale of real estate projects on those lands. We build both residential and commercial projects, equipped with all the requirements. Our experienced and qualified team is committed to working with uncompromising integrity and reliability and offers superior customer engagement and quality guarantee. Through the course of working in this industry, we have worked with renowned developers and have ensured that our real-estate development, management, and investment services of the highest caliber.

Kalash Realcon offers a wide range of real estate products and services, which show our enthusiasm towards developing projects that could meet the people’s varying requirements. The foundation of all the work we have done in the past, that we are doing right now, and that we will continue to do so in the future, it all depends on the commitment and professionalism of our workforce. With their innovative ideas and positivity, we are more than ready to take Indian infrastructure in a new and upward direction.

In the last decade, since we have started working in the real estate industry our company has been working towards becoming one of the leading, most forward-thinking, and multifarious companies in the country. Over the years, Kalash Realcon Pvt Lid. has stayed on the course of making a better India and world. We are delivering the global level commercial and residential spaces for our clients.

Our staff is always excited when it comes to applying various legit and unconventional ideas to increase customer satisfaction and improve their quality of everyday life. We are constantly working to improve our methods and implement ethical practices at every level of our organization. Kalash Realcon has been helping both residential and commercial clients in achieving their dream space since the last decade and is committed to doing so for many coming decades. The company’s culture and values are intended to draw the best minds in the industry to deliver the best for the clients.


We construct and sell both residential and commercial projects for our clients including:








Studio Apartment


Commercial Shops

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